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Recent Reviews of Delta of Venus


"This is by far my favorite place to spend a weekend morning.  Pitchers of mimosas, good healthy meals and good old fashion patio with fantastic trees for shade.  There is no where, that I have found in Davis that has as fantastic of a vibe or patio as Delta Venus.  They have great DJ's and it is so relaxing.... I highly recommend you taking a leisurely stroll over and get some good grub and drinks.  Fun people watching is free!" -- Megan L. (Five Stars)

"Every few millenia there comes a place that fills your wildest desires in the least likely of places.  Hello Delta of Venus, come into my life.  If you are seeking some good breakfast, lunch, dinner, study time, drinky time, dancy time, or all of the above, DoV will do.  Not only is the food simple and quality, the people who work there are friendly and will go out of their way to help you feel welcome in this cozy establishment."  --J.K. (Five Stars)

"Maybe it was the gypsy music or the pint of ale that seduced me, but I think I kinda love Delta of Venus Cafe. One star off because it was really insanely crowded at both of the shows I've been to." --Katie T. (Four Stars)

"VEGAN MUFFINS! I LOVE THEM HERE! They taste awesome and are so moist! The blueberry walnut is my favorite but the vegan chocolate chip muffin is just as good. I really like this place because they offer a wide variety of options for breakfast, brunch, lunch and snack. I had the veggie scramble. Very good! Potatoes were awesome too!! Everything had great flavor. I found one of my new favorite spots in Davis :)" -- Daphne N. (Four Stars)

"Where else can you wash down Jamaican food with a La Fin du Monde and see 60's psych/proto-electro legends Silver Apples play for $5? In the entire world even? I'm positive that the answer is NOWHERE ELSE!" --Rick E. (Five Stars)



"By far my favorite cafe in Davis!" --Nora C. (Five Stars)


"Ohhh, Delta you're such a typical Davis friend of mine--off-kilter, edgy, kinda hippie, sometimes taking yourself a little too seriously. But you sure know good food. And beer. I can still taste that Belgian stout I had last week at the Old Time Relijun show. The Caribbean nights are delicious and do your thang, Delta. (But I can't let it slide that you once gave my friend change in yen instead of quarters. For that I deduct a star!)" --Tiffany S. (Four Stars)

"Very simple place--I wouldn't have thought it was a restaurant at all unless I was specifically looking for it.  The prices here are unbelievably cheap esp for the amount/quality of the food.  My sister and I went for brunch on a Friday 11am (crowded outside but tables open inside).  We shared a Veggie Omelet with mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and cheese ($7.50) and an order of taters ($1.50)--soft inside with a nice crisp and well-seasoned.  $9 bucks for two people--definitely a steal and the food was cooked really well.   Oh and they had realllly good multi-grain toast which they butter one side and grill it for you." --Diana T. (Five Stars)

"Many of my best memories from my time in Davis are at the DOV. They get really good music acts here - quite a range, everything from Celtic sessions to drum'n'bass.  This is my favorite cafe anywhere, and please believe I've known a few." --David S. (Five Stars)



"This funky place attracts the anti-establishment college crowd of already-anti-establishment Davis. This is an excellent spot for carnivores and omnivores traveling together, as the menu boards are filled with a wide variety of fare--plenty of tofu and vegan options, as well as meaty meat." --Amber S. (Four Stars)




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